Picture this…a small town, all-American girl from the South hops off a plane at LAX with stars in her eyes and dreams as big as Dolly’s…voice. 😉

 Fast forward and I, Whitney Lane Fern, am making my mark as a “Southern Girl with a Hollywood Flair.”  And yes, I’ve fully embraced the kale and the almond milk lattes and the spin classes and the traffic…and I read my horoscope religiously – I’m a Scorpio without a doubt. But, my love of all things country and southern still beats strong in my soul (like I could ever lose my accent or stop singing Shania in the shower)!

 Those who know me know I never stop talking…so I figured, why not share it all with y’all?!

Chasing Country with Southern Whit is where the south meets Hollywood. It’s your front row pass…your round-trip ticket…your behind-the-scenes look…your VIP access…okay, you get the idea…to discovering and exploring all the magical, curious and amazing things life has to offer. Let’s seek it out together and maybe, just maybe, we’ll realize something new and great about ourselves that we didn’t know before.

 So here’s to joining me on this crazy journey called life…because why shouldn’t we be living our best? We’re in this together after-all!


Let’s bond, y’all!

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