Praying for Vegas…An Open Letter to Humankind

I couldn’t sleep last night. The tears just kept coming to my eyes. And that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach hasn’t gone away. I truly cannot comprehend what happened, much less imagine what it would feel like if I had been there.

I was driving in my car yesterday morning after hearing the horrific news about the Vegas shooting. I was listening to country music. It’s what I listen to all the time. Country music touches my soul. It gets me. It makes me smile and cry and think of old memories. It inspires me for what’s to come and reminds me of what’s important.

As I was driving, I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened.  I imagined friends road tripping to Vegas, filled with excitement to have a fun country music filled weekend at Route 91 Harvest festival. It was easy to imagine…because I’d done it before. I had gone to that exact festival just a couple of years back and had the time of my life interviewing the artists, meeting other country fans and enjoying life.

Because ultimately, that’s what it’s about – life is about new experiences, making memories and fostering relationships. It’s about finding yourself and growing into the best version of yourself you can be.

It’s not about fear and worry and constant anxiety. At least it shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t have to live in a world, in 2017 mind you, where we’re afraid to look forward to something or scared to attend an event for fear that the hatred has gotten so great in some people’s hearts that something bad could happen – when we’re at the movies or at the airport…or at a concert.

I’ll never be able to reconcile how someone could be filled with so much hatred. He killed human beings that matter to people, that were loved and will be deeply missed. He killed people he didn’t know – people that have been through trials and journeys and ups and downs…people with stories to share and people to love.

When does it stop? When it happens to someone you know? When do we get less selfish and care more about all of humankind and living life to the fullest while we have it?

We have the opportunity to make better choices. That’s what this world needs, for all of us here now and for those to come. We need to choose love. We need to choose life. We need to choose each other.

I will never stop praying for this world and thinking about those people who were just so tragically affected. And I won’t let people steal my faith. Country music amongst many things rallies people together. Let’s continue to do that. Let’s rally together. It’s already taken too long.

If you’re able, here’s a way you can help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting: