WATCH: Brooke Eden Talks Debut EP on Chasing Country

Rising country star Brooke Eden sat down with us while visiting Los Angeles to talk all about her debut EP that released just yesterday (September 23), and is playfully titled Welcome To The Weekend. Well bring it on, Brooke, because we’re toasting to the weekend and listening to your music already!

Brooke told us all about the EP and the project’s lead single, Diamonds, which hits Country radio on 10/3. It’s a girls anthem if I do say so myself and is the perfect tune to encapsulate all of the amazing talent that Brooke has to offer.

Check out the full-length exclusive interview below and get to know Brooke Eden and her journey on a whole different level.

How fun is this girl, y’all?!

Get your copy of Brooke Eden’s debut EP HERE.


  1. “Diamonds”(Brooke Eden, Chris DeStefano, Brett James)
  2. “Act Like You Don’t”(Brooke Eden, Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure)
  3. “Silence Speaks”(Brooke Eden, Ingrid Andress, Will Weatherly)
  4. “Sunday Mornin’”(Brooke Eden, Justin Wilson)

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